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ALT Agorà – April 23, 2024 – Register Now!

The long-awaited Spring has arrived, and with it, cherry blossoms in the air and the fresh faces of students and teachers ready to take on a new school year. This month, our spotlight speaker Alexandra Burke answers a question many a teacher wonders about year after year — “How can I help my students that don’t click with English or the classroom environment?” Join us as we overcome hidden barriers and create a classroom everyone can learn in. See you there — and don’t forget to register!!

When: Tuesday, April 23, 2024, @7:30 pm JST

How to join: you will receive the link the day before the event (or on the same day!).
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Supporting Learners with Differences in Language Classrooms at Schools
Speaker: Alexandra Burke

Have you ever wondered why some students don’t seem to click with learning languages or can’t keep still? This presentation will cover a brief introduction to the hidden barriers that can affect students classroom performance such as ADHD, reading and writing differences, autism plus colour and hearing differences. But ALTs, JTEs and English specialist teachers can make language learning easier, faster and more fun for all students. Content will cover from early childhood to high school. Please join this session and bring your questions. 

This month’s speaker profile:

Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke is currently a part-time Lecturer at Gifu Shotoku Gakuin University, Shiga University, and the University of Shiga Prefecture and has worked at every level of schooling in Japan. Her research field is how people with neurodiversity encounter and can overcome barriers at all life stages. She was born into a multi-generational neurodiverse family and has chosen to be open about her educational journey to allow others to feel more comfortable exploring what is a “taboo” topic to many. Burke has worked extensively in the classroom setting supporting teachers and learners to change practice methods that will unlock the potential of this group. She has received multiple “Michele Steele Best of JALT Awards” for Chapter presentations and also Best Poster Awards at JALT international and Online Conferences. Her goal is that any person with neurodiversity will have access to a welcoming educational environment and the assistive technology they need to thrive in society. Alex is one of the editors of the forthcoming book from ePublishers Candlyn&Mynard “Barrier-Free Instruction in Japan: Recommendations for Teachers at All Levels of Schooling” which will be released on April 20th, 2024.