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ALT Agorà – February 6, 2024 – Register Now!

This month at Agorà, we’re excited to welcome Andy Lankshear, who will be showcasing LoiLoNote, the increasingly popular digital education platform adopted by schools in Japan and worldwide. Andy’s demonstration promises to be an insightful experience, not just for current or prospective LoiLoNote users, but also for anyone eager to enhance their understanding of education technology. Join us for this valuable session and discover how LoiLoNote can help you!

★☆ If you wish to participate in the hands-on workshop, please register by February 4th (Sunday). ☆★

LoiLoNote download (it is recommended you download 2-3 days in advance):

When: Tuesday, February 6, 2024, @7:30 pm JST

How to join: you will receive the link the day before the event (or on the same day!).
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Taking Note of LoiLoNote: Digitalizing Input and Output Activities for the Classroom
Speaker: Andy Lankshear

This presentation introduces the basic functions of LoiLoNote and how to leverage those for your English lessons. This digital platform is now used by more than 30 percent of public schools in Japan and is steadily increasing its share. I’ll first train you in how to use its basic functions and then show you three ways I have used it in my own classroom for: 

1) collating and sequencing goals, resources, and activities for a unit of learning. 

2) manipulating language items within digital cards to make information gap, and letter and word arranging activities. 

3) making audio recordings for the teaching and assessment of pronunciation.

This month’s speaker:

Andy Lankshear

Andrew Lankshear has lived and taught in Fukushima, Japan since 1998, mostly within elementary schools. He is currently head English teacher at Koriyama Xaverio Gakuen Elementary School. Andrew has a master’s in education from Massey University, New Zealand. He has provided teacher training seminars, co-authored both a 5-leveled skills book series for young learners published by Pearson Japan entitled English Language Booster, and a teacher training book for teachers of young learners published by 4C Publishing, Japan. Andrew’s interests include using gestures in the classroom for younger learners, activity design, and a good story or yarn, preferably written or shared over a coffee.